What Is Hypnotism and What Can It Do For You?

Outside of stage tricks, real life hypnotism can be good or bad depending on how you plan to use it.  Take for example this article from the Atlanta Black Star:

 post-prom event at a Bellevue, Neb., high school has drawn concern from parents after one of the teen participants was hospitalized following hypnosis.

Senior Jaylin Cox volunteered to participate in a hypnosis event hosted at Bellevue West High School Saturday, April 28. The event was captured on video a person in the crowd, who watched as Jaylin fell to the ground at the instructions of the hypnotist.

According to Good Morning America, the hypnotist told participants to fall as if they were melting like a snowman. The 17-year-old fell three times resulting in what his parent said was an injury. Elizabeth and Harrell Cox said their son exhibited strange behavior upon coming home and wondered if it was because he hit his head or the hypnosis.

“We always thought it was like a party trick,” Harrell tells GMA.

“He was going in and out of consciousness,” wife Elizabeth says. “His head was just slumping down in his chest.”

They rushed their son to the hospital and doctors said he had a clean toxicology report and no concussion. But Jaylin said he cannot recall what happened.

“I just remember waking up in the middle of it and then he putting me back to sleep and me falling,” he says, noting he felt like he was outside of his own body.

On the flip side, this particular story about hypnotism helped someone lose alot of weight, as told by the WCNC TV:

“I lost 40 pounds so I know it works,” she added. “It’s really allowing me to become your voice”

And, yes, Lindert said sometimes the hypnosis sends people into a trance.

“They say, ‘I woke up! It was over and I didn’t hear anything but yet, my behaviors are changing,’ and it’s because the subconscious mind hears everything,” Lindert said.

Whether you’re ready to surrender your subconscious for the sake of shedding pounds, that’s up to you.

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Few studies have been done on hypnotherapy for weight loss. Most found participants only lost slight amounts of weight. And of course, some don’t believe in hypnosis at all.